Lane Community Writers Series / 5:30 p.m., Thursday, May 4, 2017 / Room 421, LCC Downtown Campus / 101 West 10th Avenue, Eugene OR

Russ Pierson — Margaret Robertson — Tom Titus

Russ Pierson is always a writer in his dreams—and occasionally in real life. He has a DMin from George Fox University and holds several sustainability-related certifications. Russ oversees LCC’s Florence Center, and he has an intriguing, mixed-up background in construction management, the faith community, and higher education. He has contributed to Huffington Post, Justice Unbound, Sojourners, AMOS and is a frequent presenter at education-related conferences.

Margaret Robertson teaches at Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon. She is the author of Sustainability Principles and Practice, now in its second edition, as well as the Dictionary of Sustainability.  Both titles are published by Routledge/ Earthscan in Oxfordshire, England, and are selling well around the world.  Her chapter titled “A Crash Course in Sustainability Science” will appear this fall in the Community Resilience Reader, published by Island Press. 

Tom Titus reveres the Pacific Northwest, where he loves running and rain and hunting for anything: agates, blackberries, clams, calypso orchids, deer, dogwood blossoms, elk, errant thoughts, fossils, firewood, old bones, old forests, salmon, salmonberries, wild turkeys, and Wild Turkey. His memoir Blackberries in July: A Forager’s Field Guide to Inner Peace is a paean to Oregon. His writings have appeared in Oregon Quarterly Magazine and the collection Forest Under Story. Tom is president of the Eugene Natural History Society and co-director of the Windfall Reading Series.

For a poster of this event:

Russ Pierson:

Margaret Robertson:

Tom Titus:


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